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Applications and advantages of silver nickel materials

1.AgNi contact materials find a wide range of application in low voltage switching devices. They are used in relays, small contactors, light switches, temperature controllers. as well as in protective switches (they are used in asymmetric contact pairs, for instane, against AgC,AgZnO orAgSnO2materials).

2.It has low contact resistance and good operating life, and can be widely used in AC4 and AC3 loads, automotive relays and high light loads; automatic relays (lamps, resistors and motor loads); can be used in industrial control fields with a current range of ≤32A or Circuit breakers and other terminal control fields.

3.AgNi materials have higher resistance to arc erosion and contact welding than Ag or FAg. Both properties are improved with increasing Ni content.  AgNi material has good electrical and thermal conductivity, low and stable contact resistance, good resistance to welding and arc erosion under small and medium currents, and strong resistance to material transfer under DC conditions; Under medium and large current conditions, the AgNi material has poor resistance to welding, but when paired with materials such as AgC, it can make up for the shortcomings of poor resistance to welding.

4.All AgNi materials show good work ability and are easy to weld to contact suports. Low tendency towards material transfer in DC applications. AgNi materials are environment-protective materials.


Post time: Apr-10-2024

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